Duolingo Completed!

Duolingo Trophy 2-17-2015

Hooray! After fifteen months of consistently studying Spanish via Duolingo I finally finished the program! It took a lot of hard work and consistency but it paid off in the end.

Doing Duolingo every day helped me stay focused in other areas of my life: Working out, eating healthy food, and reading lots of books. Turn off your TV and get busy accomplishing your dreams!

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3 thoughts on “Duolingo Completed!

  1. Kudos on sticking with Spanish. After about five years of persistence, I began to feel like I was reasonably fluent, and then every year since, I just get better. You can do it; it’s just a matter constant practice.

    A couple of things that helped me included reading a few of the Harry Potter books in Spanish. Since I had already read them in English, I already had a pretty good idea of what the Spanish was supposed to say. Though the first three-quarters of the first book was very tough going, something happened in that last quarter of the book, and I kind of raced through the end. The other books were *much* easier. The other thing you can do is to watch DVDs in Spanish *with* the Spanish subtitles on. If you are lucky, the subtitles will be exactly the same as the spoken script, and this will help your ability to understand conversations tremendously. In my experience, American movies that have been dubbed into Spanish are the most likely ones to have subtitles that exactly match the Spanish words, probably because it’s just cheaper to create one script and use it for the dubbing and the subtitles. The final tip is to get some Spanish language music you like, then try to figure out the lyrics. In my case, I usually had to Google them. (search for “letras de [song] and the name of the group; you’ll find plenty.) Then I’d learn the lyrics and sing along. This did wonders for both my accent and my ability to understand things like phone conversations and TV shows.

    Buena Suerte,

    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where we’re the only person in the neighborhood who listens to Ranchera music.

    1. Hi Kim, thanks for the ideas!

      I started watching Metastasis in Spanish with Spanish subtitles on Netflix. It’s the Colombian remake of Breaking Bad. So, since I watched the original and know the plot already, hopefully I can pick up a few new words.

      Thanks again for the suggestions! 🙂


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