Learning Bootstrap, GitHub, and building a portfolio page

For the past few weeks I’ve been diving in to learning how to be more technical. I’ve always worked in technology and with programmers and developers, but I figured it’s time a get a bit more technical so I can better communicate with coders. Even if I don’t decide to pursue a career on the programming side, just being able to communicate effectively will help me tremendously in my career. Another benefit to learning some code is to be able to mockup my ideas and even build my own side projects for fun.

I decided learning some web development basics was a good first step in learning some code. I’ve already been using HTML for years and have been learning some CSS on the side. In the past few weeks I started learning some JavaScript and jQuery to increase my skill set. I’ve been diving into some lessons from Codecademy, Free Code Camp, and Khan Academy. After doing many lessons I hit a wall and decided to try something else to clear my head… with the goal to come back to these lessons in the near future. I then got the idea that I needed to learn how to use GitHub and learn how to use GitHub Pages to host some test websites.

Enter Bootstrap

I figured learning Bootstrap would be a good idea as well while I learned how to use GitHub. Instead of just putting a basic HTML+CSS landing page, I wanted something that actually would look semi-decent. I found these excellent videos on YouTube by a user named Microwave Sam on how to use Bootstrap. There’s lots of hand-holding involved, which is exactly what a n00b like me needs! He not only tells the viewer to do something, he does a very good job explaining why he’s telling us to do it.


Then, I watched his videos on how to use GitHub and learned how to create a repo and upload files onto the website. Being non-technical and logging into GitHub the first time and trying to figure everything out was very overwhelming. So, I just watched a bunch of videos and did lots of Googling until something finally started to make sense.

I followed his guides and ended up realizing I could actually make this project into a portfolio page to show off my n00b web dev skills to other people. As I learn more and more web development, I can go back and update the original source code and have new items listed on my portfolio page. Now I’ve got some basic GitHub and Bootstrap skills under my belt! Double-Win!


I’ve still got a long way to go learning all of these new tools, GitHub especially, but I’m so excited I finally got up and running! Check out my project page here: westonludeke.github.io.


Microwave Sam’s Bootstrap Tutorial
Microwave Sam’s GitHub Tutorial
This guide to push an existing project onto GitHub Pages