Building an RGB Color Picker

Image courtesy of Wikipedia via a Creative Commons license

After completing the program, I started another course on learning web development called “The Web Developer Bootcamp” by Colt Steele on Udemy. One of the projects the course has us build is an RGB color picker. The course only had us build the project locally, but I decided to take it the next step and upload to GitHub.

GitHub is a great tool and I want to keep the knowledge of how to use it fresh in my mind. I uploaded the project here and also added it to GitHub pages so you can view the site live. I added an “About” page to the project which isn’t part of the course, and it needs a bit of improvement to the CSS, but it’s still enough to get online. It was good playing around with GitHub again and I even downloaded the Mac app to have another option other than the terminal.

I’m enjoying the course so far and still have a bit to go. I will keep updating the blog as I progress!