100 Books Finished Since 2014

Towards the end of 2013 I got into the habit of reading books on a regular basis. Since January 1st, 2014 until today (Oct. 11, 2017) I have now read 100 books to completion!

Reading books on a regular basis is probably the best life hack I’ve found. Almost anything that anyone has ever gone through in life has already been experienced and documented by someone else. Books are a great place to learn about how to deal with life and also to learn about the world outside of ourselves. It’s great diving into a new book about a completely different culture outside of our own.

Special thanks to the Houston Public Library for being awesome as well as the University of Houston’s Anderson Library for being open and free to alumni!

Book Recommendations From The 100 (in alphabetical order):

Between The World And Me – Ta-Nehisi Coates – A short book on Civil Rights and what it’s like being black in modern day America. Coates writes this book as a letter to his son.

Founders At Work – Jessica Livingston – The Y Combinator co-founder talks with numerous founders about startup life and entrepreneurship.

Mastery – by Robert Green – In my top 5 all-time. A must read for any ambitious person who wants to be an expert in their field, or in multiple fields.

The Interior Circuit – Francisco Goldman – Life in modern day Mexico City. Read before traveling to the DF for the first time, eventually falling in love with the city.

The Lean Startup – Eric Reis – The bible for all tech startups. A must-read for anyone in business school and anyone interested in how software is developed.

The Leopard – Giuseppe di Lampedusa – A beautiful story about Sicily after the Risorgimento (post-unification Italy) and what it means for some of the royal families who had lost power. Also about how the choices we make early in life continue to reverberate throughout our lives.

The Master Switch – Tim Wu – An excellent book on explaining why free-markets aren’t naturally efficient and can lead to monopolies if strong rules and regulations aren’t used to ensure fair competition. Also on how competition benefits consumers more than monopolies.

The Savage Detectives: A Novel – Roberto Bolaño – An incredible novel with multiple stories set in Mexico City and across Mexico woven together, from the late Chilean author.

The Hoods – Harry Grey – A former gangster writes this 1952 autobiography under an assumed name. Describes life in early 1900’s New York City growing up as a petty thief in the tenements to being a well connected criminal. Book seems out of print but I found a used copy on Amazon. Book was the basis for Sergio Leone’s “Once Upon a Time in America”.