Hi there! I’m Weston Ludeke – I’m fascinated how startups can make our daily lives more streamlined and efficient. Some of my favorite examples: Dropbox, Uber, Airbnb, and Reddit just to name a few.

I work remotely in customer support for Streak.com, a CRM startup in San Francisco. Streak was part of the summer 2011 Y Combinator batch.

I’m an autodidact: When I’m not working I’m usually focusing on learning computer programming, a foreign language, writing, weightlifting, and reading tons of books. I like building stuff and learning how things work and I’m learning to code so I can communicate better with hackers and build my own projects for fun.

I write this blog mostly for myself as a place to document my experiences working for startups and about staying self-motivated to improve myself.  If you enjoy reading this site, feel free to add me on social media in the links in the sidebar!