Hi there! I’m Weston Ludeke – I’m fascinated how startups can make our daily lives more streamlined and efficient. Some of my favorite examples: Dropbox, Uber, Airbnb, and Reddit just to name a few.

Currently I’m working remotely in customer support for Streak.com, a seventeen person CRM startup in San Francisco. Streak was part of the summer 2011 Y Combinator batch.

I’m an autodidact: When I’m not working I’m usually focusing on learning computer programming, a foreign language, writing, weightlifting, and reading tons of books. I like building stuff and learning how things work and I’m learning programming so I can communicate better with hackers and build my own projects for fun.

I also run the largest Houston Cougars fan blog on the planet, CardiacCoogs.com, covering the UH football and basketball teams as well as the culture of the university and the city at large.

I write this blog mostly for myself as a place to document my experiences working for startups and about staying self-motivated to improve myself.  If you enjoy reading any of this site, feel free to add me on Twitter or LinkedIn and send me a message telling me what you liked.