Weston Ludeke


Prior to becoming a software engineer, I worked in customer-facing roles such as Support, Account Management, Sales, etc. I’ve spent more than a decade working alongside engineers and technical C-level execs, working as a liaison between customer-centric teams and engineering & product teams. I’m adept at translating customer feedback and bug reports to engineers and engineering-speak back to users.

With over a decade of tech industry experience, I’ve worked at small Silicon Valley-based startups, mid-sized firms, and publicly traded tech companies. I’m proficient in Javascript, Express, React, JSX, Mongo, Node, Ruby, Sinatra, jQuery, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, SQL, Postgres, APIs, & Google Apps Script.

You can follow me on LinkedIn, GitHub, StackOverflow, Medium, and Codewars. You can also email me at weston(at)westonludeke(dot)com.