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Joining another startup!

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Five years ago my wife and I made the long move out to Silicon Valley from Houston settling in Mountain View, California. After returning home to Houston in 2013 I joined my second startup, Streak.com, earlier this year! The Hustle Back in 2011 I moved to Silicon Valley with zero connections and hustled my way […]

How To Stay Motivated With Duolingo

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After consistently studying Duolingo Spanish since November 2013, I finally was able to reach the 200 consecutive day mark a few weeks ago. Along the way I’ve picked up some good tips and hints to stay motivated, organized, and increase my success rate learning. Early Frustrations While Studying After doing my Duolingo lessons for a […]

Making It In Silicon Valley When You Have Zero Connections

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Ramit Sethi, the personal finance guru and master of behavioral psychology, has a new course he’s putting together on his site, I Will Teach You To Be Rich.  His new material is all centered around readers finding their dream job. I’ve long been a big fan of Ramit, from his blog to his book to […]

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