Weston Ludeke

Finished Treehouse’s Beginning JavaScript course

Published (updated: ) in code.

I had been studying coding pretty consistently from roughly May 2017 through September 2018 before I admittedly got super busy with work and “fell off the wagon” so to speak. No more!

In late December I started up again and so far in 2019 I’ve coded dang near every day! In January I logged 27 out of 31 days. Consistency is super important to reach success learning any new skill.

In need of a refresher after taking a few months off, I realized I needed to go over some vanilla JS concepts and decided to take a look at Treehouse. I had tried out Treehouse very briefly and was bored, so I figured all of their courses were just super slow and tedious. I’m very happy to admit how wrong I was!

I started the “Beginning JavaScript” track on January 7th and completed it on February 5th. I’ve really enjoyed the video lessons and the courses did a great job of refreshing my knowledge and I also learned quite a bit of new things (how to traverse the DOM, for example). Treehouse also does a good job in each section of quizzing the user about what they’ve learned both with multiple choice quizzes and with actual coding challenges. It really forced me to sit and work through each problem.